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My First "Pobst" Hello everyone

This is my first official post. I’ve met some of you around here already so, hello again.

I read Jalopnik all the time and just recently found OPPO. It seems to be a very friendly place. Everyone gets along through a common interest.

A little about me. I am 16 years old from San Antonio, TX. I don’t have a car yet. Most cars seem big since i’m only 5’1” lol. My favorite color is pink (see avatar) and I like typical girl things. Though, I really like cars as well. And softball.

My dad runs a shop that installs accessories on trucks. He got me into cars since I was little, taking me to car shows and gatherings. We’re into muscle cars mostly but i’m branching off to modern things from all brands. My favorite car hands down is the Viper!

Personally, school and softball practice is what i’m doing. I do some secretary work with my mom for my dad’s shop. I’m scheduled to have my braces hopefully next month (which are also pink lol). I miss chowing down on some good fajitas.


If anyone has any questions, let me know.

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