Hello Oppo! First time posting after much listening and commenting.

I’ve loved cars since the day I was born. When I was about 1 year old my family moved across the country. My parents will always tell the story about when the car hauler came to take away their Honda Accord and Infiniti G20 I was sitting in my kiddie car(you know, those plastic Fred Flinstone cars) bawling my eyes out because they were taking the cars away.

I currently drive an E36 BMW 318ti(yes, the weird hatchback one):

Just this past week, I made a much more interesting purchase. I’m home from college for the summer and, much to my surprise, my dad was okay with parking outside for the summer so I could use part of the garage for a project.

So, I bought a non-running 1991 Alfa Romeo 164S for the princely sum of $650 and towed it home with my dad’s Acura MDX and a UHaul dolly.


All it took to run was a new battery and some fresh fluids and plugs. The previous owner thought the head gasket was going because of some gunk in the coolant reservoir, but when I drained it the gunk seems to just be some rubbery flecks, so I’m thinking that the cooling system just needs re-plumbed. I’m still tracking down some weird noises and rattles, the electronic suspension is going to need rebuilt, it smells like something is growing in the headliner, and the paint is terrible but it sounds incredible and just look at that Busso V6.


That’s all I’ve got Oppo, thanks for your time! More to come as I attempt to nurse an unloved Italian car back to health.