First and foremost a big thanks to For Sweden and his apparent low standards for throwing me an authorship. I won’t let you down, unless I do.

Right to it then.

For those who don’t know, the random amalgamation of Ford parts you see before you is a Cosworth Escort RS. I could positively gush about this thing. But it’s nothing you couldn’t find out with two minutes of intense googling.



The Cosworth Escort really isn’t an Escort at all, it’s a homologation special based on the older Sierra platform, with a healthy heap of Escort parts ladled on. It sports a two liter, longitudinally mounted turbo four putting out something like 225 BHP. The power is sent to all four wheels via a five speed manual transmission (duh) and it has a 34/66 front to rear torque split. The stripped out “Motorsports” version hits sixty in 5.9 seconds.

Honestly by today’s standards the Cosworth Escort is nothing special. Any number of much more accessible cars would be a better choice. A new STi will crush it, and an Accord will probably beat it in any objective way.

But, like my childhood crush on Gadget from Rescue Rangers, I have an irrational lust for this machine. The sad thing is I will probably never buy one. But I knowing it’s now possible stirs up all the old feelings.


So tell me, fellow denizens of Oppo, what grey market import do you long for?