So I know there are some people on here from the only free state left in the US (aka NH), but I want to see what everyone thinks.

Whenever I'm bored I end up thinking about what cool street courses would be cool to see. I'll post my first here, but hopefully there will be more to come:

Hampton to Rye Beach Rally Stage (preferably in the extinct Group B variety, but beggars can't be choosers I suppose)

I chose this because for one summer I was stuck on a $400 craigslist 50cc moped (broken right leg and a manual in the driveway... but more on that another day). So when I wasn't at work, I would ride anywhere I could without having to use a highway. Driving Riding along the beach was nice because there are some twisty enough roads that made the scooter fun (at full throttle all the time to top out around 45) and the breeze was nice off the water.

This being the most enjoyable (read: least dangerous) route to Rye and Portsmouth from the Exeter area I did it a lot. It might be even more fun to drive or spectate while 600 hp rally cars took on these same turns.


I know the US would never have these types of stages (I know there is the Mt. Washington one and I really need to go next year but I don't know of any others in NH) but it's fun to think about. What others would be cool in NH? Anywhere in North America?

TL;DR: Here's an improbable street course design. Let me see yours.