Hey Oppo - looks like this is my first post, and it won’t be car-related!

I see quite a few designers, architects, and building professionals posting here, so I wanted to share some excitement from my corner of the world:

Current project that is under construction, which is a technique I’ve never worked with prior - Tilt-up concrete. It’s apparently quite cheap but not terribly flexible (not much for cantilevers or ribbon-windows), since it’s essentially monolithic concrete panels.

I don’t want to disclose the owner or project details just yet (as this is a speculative building type and I’m subject to a mild NDA), but I can tell you the program is pretty neat: Short-term leasable office space, retail, and self-storage, all under one roof. Sort of an e-business incubator concept.

We ended up going with tilt-up construction because our floor plans were very restrained. The building footprint is a 360' x 130' “L”, so the concrete panels were easy to lay out. We got clever with the facade articulation, though. Since the panels are formed on-site, on the floor slab, we could add a lot of surface detail to the exterior of the panels for very little added cost. Our concept (images below) features a stepping, modulated series of 2" and 4" recesses in the concrete face. These recesses will be painted in multi-tonal shades of grey, to further emphasize the effect.

Anyway, enjoy this little diversion. Focus ST (mine!) for you time.

First panel tilted up this morning!


Courtyard side (concept image)
Street-side (concept image)