First Problem with the Miata

Well, some of you will say the first problem is that it’s automatic - but I’ve experienced my first actual problem with the MX5. There’s a blocked drainage line causing water to back up in to the driver’s side of the interior. Big thanks to The Actual RootWyrm for piquing my interest after complaining about my floormats yesterday- while my floor mats do hold water and smell bad, the damp carpet under and behind my seat is the real cause of the musty scent. Now to find where the water is blocked!

Pic for your time, difficult to actually get a good picture of where the drains flow to

Poked around a little this morning and found where the drains funnel to. The drains are clear up to their funnel point. Sadly, this is where I can see standing water for sure indicating something somewhere is blocked beyond what’s visible.


Reading around, some took it to the dealership, others essentially tried to clean it from above, no real consistent recommendation. I’ll be checking the drains underneath the car this weekend. Then I will probably try snaking something down from above.
While it’s parked in front of a tree in the picture, I’m not regularly parking under trees. I am parked outside at work so perhaps that’s a factor. I’m around 12k miles which means PO and I have owned the car for half of the total mileage each - so I’ll just pretend it was his fault.

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