I’ve had it for 3 months and only put 10,491 miles on it. So far, so good.

No mechanical problems. One minor fit & finish issue. Enough power. Pleasing sound. In short... I still like it!

I was a bit concerned about just how much worse the gas mileage would be compared to my old 2014 Mustang V6. Turns out, the gas mileage isn’t too bad. My ‘14 averaged 25.2 MPG over the 50K miles that I drove it, with the best tank averaging 31.8 MPG. So far, the new ‘17 is averaging 24.4 MPG for the first 10K miles, with the best tank coming in at 28.1 MPG. Not too shabby!

I’ve taken the car on a couple of long road trips, and it is a decent “Grand Tourer”. Even though I would have to say the seats in the ‘14 were slightly more comfortable, there isn’t any problem with the seats in the ‘17. The engine has a nice rumble when mashing on the gas, but the car is quiet enough when cruising. The 16 gallon tank (coupled with the 24-and-a-half-ish gas mileage) means that it can conservatively travel 350 miles between fillups without worrying about running out of gas.

No performance modifications so far, and none planned. It does just fine as-is for how I use it. I like the handling; I suspect that my ‘14 with the performance package might have had an edge on outright cornering, but this base GT does just fine. Yes, the IRS is a noticeable improvement over the straight axle of the ‘14... especially when hitting a bump in a corner. The ‘14 would jump sideways a bit - I know that could be addressed with a Watt’s Link, but I never installed one. The ‘17 behaves just as a car with independent rear suspension should.


Overall, I’m very pleased with the new Mustang. I hope to make another road trip or two in this summer... and maybe someday I’ll do a write-up about the trips I’ve taken in the new car. Right now, I feel like going for a drive...