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First rally, great success.

Woo! We made it!

We bought an old beaten 92 golf rally car on December 31, and got it running (and braking mostly) for the first ever Winter Rally Sprint at Team O’Neil rally school here in New Hampshire. I was co-driving for the first time ever, and my lovely girlfriend was driving the car for the first time.

The roads at the school were basically all total glare ice with 3-4 inches of fresh powder ontop so the conditions were challenging to say the least. But the car did well with zero issues, and I was very impressed at how well she handled it. (even as I screwed up the notes a couple times)


Huge thanks to our friends for helping with the month long scramble to fix the car and get us here, and for coming out in the cold to crew for us. We also sat down on their podcast earlier this week to talk about the adventure:


Motivation to do any work this week has been at an all time low, I just wanna go fast!

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