First Rallycross!

I had my first rallycross a couple weekends ago with my SCCA region. I've been talking about doing it for years but it seems like I was always making up excuses for why I couldn't do it. This year I finally got everything together, registered and forced myself to do it. It was totally worth it.

I originally bought my Focus SVT a couple years ago as my DD but also with the goal of eventually doing some off road racing. It's relatively cheap and FWD which is good for getting started. Only the Focus SVT isn't the most reliable car; I've kept a spreadsheet of all the maintenance and work I've done on the car and it's fairly long and depressing. The Focus ZX3 is probably a cheaper more reliable option but ah well, I still love my SVT.


Saturday was the driver's school. Basically we sat around and talked for an hour about the program, rules, rallycross and stage rally. Then we went out to a practice course where the instructor watched us do runs and tried to give us some tips. I was the only FWD car in the class, about 80% were Subarus of course, and the instructor had only driven AWD for the last 10 years so he didn't really have any tips for me. Still, it was helpful to get myself accustomed to sliding between cones.

First race of the season was the next day. I originally entered in the Stock class but realized after the drivers school that my stock suspension would not survive the season so I moved myself up to Prepared class. If you move from Stock to Prepared or Modified mid-season then you lose your points. However, you can enter a stock car in the Prepared or Modified class.


I wouldn't concern yourself too much about your class, just modify your car as you want and have fun. At this level, it's more about driver skill than your car anyways.

I checked the entry list and apparently my region is seriously lacking in FWD cars. No one else was registered in Prepared FWD and only about 5 cars in Modified. Lots of Subarus and E30s out there. So 1st place by default!


Overall, probably one of the funnest weekends of my life. 11/10 would do again. Even if you don't have a car to race I recommend spectating an event. You're allowed to ride along with the drivers and everyone I met is friendly and helpful.

Next race is April 13th. I have a lot of work to do on the car before then... most important is a skid plate. If anyone has tips for building a Focus skid plate let me know. It looks like I'll have to fabricate my own somehow. Also, please if you have a FWD car sign up for the WDCR SCCA region rallycross! I need more competition.


And thanks to Squared Away Photography for the sweet pictures of my car.

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