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First Rallycross in the Sportcross!

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RIP cone, you were too young for this world. The Wichita Region SCCA had our third rallyx of the year and our first event at the 81 Speedway dirt oval track. We turned half of the oval and part of the infield into a rallycross course. Due to a race the previous night the oval itself was pretty much asphalt due to being packed down and covered in tire rubber but the infield was still dirt so it was a TRUE rallycross with off-road and on-”road” sections that equally benefitted cars like Bman’s Firebird. The Sportcross got 3rd place in the stock RWD class behind both drivers of the Firebird, beating out a Crown Vic. Top time of the day was a Ford Fiesta ST. I was also beat by an old man in a Buick Reatta with snow tires on the front and all-seasons in the back and whistle tips in the exhaust. Hm.

First we ran the track one way, then after lunch swapped the track around and ran backwards with a few alterations.

I came 2.7 seconds behind Bman, which, considering that rallyx is a CUMULATIVE time and not your best run I consider that a massive win for my first time out and I can’t wait to go again. 


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