First Repair Made

The 6th gen Camaro has one major build fault, the location of the wiring harnesses in the driver side rear wheel well. Due some funky routing the fender liner rubs on the tires which wears a hole in the liner, and if left unfixed, talker aspect ratio tires can rub into the wiring harness. As seen below a hole has already appeared on my car. So I fixed the problem today.


I removed the liner and pulled the wiring clip from the hole directly to left of the QR code in the picture.

I then took a zip tie and tied the harness to the hole in the rear subframe to the left of the subframe bushing. I the used a patch of industrial strength Velcro and applied it to the fender well and to the liner after I patched the hole with a piece of duct tape, (this is Kentucky and a Camaro after all).


Reinstalled the liner and there’s now so much room for activities!


Yay me! Now, who wants to buy my BMW? $7,000 obo

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