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First SCCA event!

Drove down to Mineral Wells from Lubbock with a car loaded down with my trackday wheels, jack, tools, and all the other necessities. Came back with a trailer that I’d arranged to buy beforehand.

Needs new tint, badly.


Was the only CAM-C competitor, everybody else had moved to STP for contingencies or to the Optima event in New Orleans. Got the participation trophy I guess, but I didn’t come home empty-handed :D

I went to the event knowing I was slow and inexperienced, and just wanted more seat time, so this was perfect. Had a great time, learned a lot, listened to other discussions from a large sampling of the national champions that were there at the event.

Something like 160 competitors, many of them were 2-3 person cars that didn’t get much cooldown time. It was of course in the 30s and windy all weekend, not something we expected in late April in TX. I didn’t get to take a lot of pictures, ran around chasing cones working the course and trying to learn from people’s lines as they passed one of the more technical sections.


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