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About seven hours after taking delivery, I couldn’t help myself and had to put on the generic spare tire cover Amazon dropped off at my door a couple of days ago. This truck doesn’t seem to have come with one of the factory hard covers. There’s a variety of Mitsubushi and Pajero specific designs out on the interwebs for these, but they seemed a bit shouty. Basic black felt like the way to go.

Illustration for article titled First (small) Pajero project: done.

I actually hate to cover up that Ralliart wheel, but the Southern NM sun would kill that tire quick enough and I see no reason to show off that wheel. I’d like it remain with me if possible and not end up in scrap aluminium pile after someone steals it. Speaking of that Ralliart wheel, I really wish the truck had the remaining four that originally came on it, but few of the JDM import trucks from this time period ever seem to have the OEM wheels on them anymore.

After the Pajero was unloaded around two this afternoon, I drove it back to the office. I didn’t want it to feel lonely in a new parking lot, so I found it a friend. That Taco belongs to a good friend of mine who works IT for the organization.

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