Experienced my first snow ever a week ago and it was everything I had hoped for. I must say the 6 looks fantastic with a light dusting.

I got sent to Iowa on a last minute business trip, as in I had one hour notice to drive nearly 9 hours, and didn’t have a chance to put on my snow tires. My day stated with my car covered in snow and ended with it covered in mud.

The Mazda 6 handles gravel and dirt roads like a champ, though I don’t plan to take it on any more anytime soon. I finally got the chance to put my snow tires on yesterday while it was still a comfortable temperature and before Chicago gets too cold for me to want to be outside.


Got her all cleaned up and the winter wheels and tires look amazing. I love the look of meaty tires on a family sedan. Now to see how they perform once it gets cold and snows.