Got out of school early to this. So excited to just drive around in the snow, but the roads weren't primed at all so everyone was sliding all over and the usual way home was way backed up. I decided to take the long road and got stuck behind a bus. He was doing fine all the way through the road and no one slid off. That is until he stopped at a neighborhood where the road is at an angle.

The bus pulled away no problem, as did the malibu and CTS behind it. However, the Sequoya driven by a fellow student gassed it too much and began sliding sideways into the other lane. Luckily no traffic was coming that way and she stopped sliding before reaching the ledge that led to the lake.

The pathfinder in front of me was able to pull into the neighborhood and return home. I however began sliding the instant I began to roll I slid sideways down the road with no hope of stopping it.

Again, luckily, the guardrail stopped my car from sliding into the ditch. Now I was waiting for traffic to stop and give me a window to pull out and get home.


Then the girl in the Sequoya called her boyfriend and he shows up coming the other direction in his 2000 v6 accord. He came in slowly and stopped maybe 10 feet from the Sequoya and began sliding. He was going slow enough that he didn't slide too much. Him showing up did nothing to help the situation, now we had three cars blocking traffic and still no way of getting the Toyota from teetering near a ditch.

Next, of all the things that could happen, the best possible thing happen. Best. Thing. Ever.

A mutual friend of the Sequoya girl and Accord guy comes from the same direction as the accord kid doing maybe 35....on solid ice....with 3 cars stuck....and other traffic lined up. She slams on the brakes when she saw the accord stuck and locks up the wheels. She's driving a 1997 toyota tacoma, because reliable and 4wd. She slides sideways straight into the front of the accord. This sends the accord sliding into the Sequoya.


The Sequoya was planted enough that it didn't move, meaning the Turbo X was still safe from danger.

At this point more people showed up and waited in line coming from my direction, getting stuck on ice and sliding into curbs and such. A newer accord tried backing into a driveway and just got stuck spinning its wheels on the road.

This is when I decided to get out of there. Being that my bumper was up against the guard rail I wanted to keep it from getting scratched up terribly. I took the passenger floor mat and wedged it between the bumper and the rail.


XWD worked its magic. Me, having 3 days of manual transmission driving under my belt, on an icy slope, with a ditch behind me, and cars surrounding me, was able to get out. XWD was vectoring and such wherever the wheels needed it.

Way to go Sweden. Good Job.