First Snow Drive Sans 4x4 Since The GS300

Spent the past couple winters with the two 4runners and my r50 pathfinder. Before that was an AWD Volvo S70 which was also a bit of a tank in the snow.

The Acura did great considering I’m still shopping for a set of wheels with winter tires for when the snow picks up. Compared to the GS it seems to be a little more surefooted while turning but not quite as good up low speed hills (rwd vs fwd).


Sure, I miss hooning the pathfinder in empty snowy parking lots. Sure, I’m going to have to stay home when there’s a foot of fresh powder. Maybe my tire tracks don’t look as sweet as the ones left by the old bfg k02. Is it worth it for a car that is better to drive in 99% of weather conditions? You betcha.

Hard not to miss this beauty anyways!

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