The city finally cleared our street this morning, so I didn’t waste any time stretching Tintaglia’s legs, and melting/spinning any dregs of snow and ice out of her wheels. Consider this our way of thumbing our nose at Storm Jonas.

I have new General Altimax Arctic tires, square setup. I’ll post a more detailed review of those later. Great experience with them today; there is a porridge of plow leavings at the bottom of a hill where I needed to turn around (end of the video), and they handled it with zero problem. Large accumulations of snow tended to destabilize the rear a bit, which was easily managed with mild oppo and reduction of speed.

I would love to have gone out earlier with more snow on the ground, but with this storm it was MOAR SNOW on the ground, and with only a few scant inches of ground clearance on the S, it was not going to happen.


The huge snowbanks around here are a real problem. Top-up visibility in this car is really bad from 3 o’clock to 9 o’clock; but even with the top down, it was almost impossible to see what was coming, given the low seating position.

Got a thumbs up from a Jeep with Historic plates, and from another guy snowblowing the area in front of his driveway.