First Solution with the Miata

I had the first problem with the Miata, see link below in case you weren’t one of the - HOLY BALLLS 18k people read that?! Are you kidding me???
Anyway, back on topic, roof drain problem in the RF is fixed for now.
Reupped for the weekday folk and to say thanks for all the recommendations!

Drying out

I am still not 100% done as I would like to do the recommended trombone brush pipe cleaner method to fully remove the debris stuck in the drainage pipes, but I took the route of tools I have on hand and grabbed the air gun, pulled the PSI down and jumped to it. Thanks to everyone who gave recommendations in my original post!


For a quick check, I poured a little water down the main drain hole on the driver side and it did not come out the bottom for several minutes. Finally a few drops trickled out. Used that as a reference to clean around the outlet and made sure there was nothing blocking that end side of things (there was not). Next was getting to the grate where the side gutter and rear window gutter dump in to. They come together in a little sink like area that’s impossible to picture and swirl down to the blocked up abyss.

sink area is behind this lovely piece of plastic that looks like it comes off but is really part of the larger center console plastic too

Air gun resulted in a little splash back, but for the most part pushed everything through and out the other side. Another round of water to test - improvements were made. Let it trickle out and used a flexible piece of piping I had to pull up some of the more visible pieces of trash and gunk that built up. More air (I maybe upped the PSI some). More splash back, clean up and ready for water! Check out below, this round carried out quite a bit of gunk and the water was flowing almost instantly out of the car. Another test cup and I’m willing to run with it until I pick up the trombone cleaner


Next up is the problem of the musty smell and possible mold. I pulled out this tiny square of carpet (why tf is it designed like this) and pulled back the large interior fitted carpet. Good news is there did not appear to be mold in the larger carpet, but >PET, PE PET< (see the pic, it’ll make sense) is moldy and quite damp. Went to town with the vacuum and dried out as much as I could until the carpet felt normal.

I think I’m going to leave out PET, PE for weight reduction bruh

Now I just wait for it all to dry and hopefully the mustiness is under control. If not, out with the seats and in with the deeper cleanse.

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