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First Speeding Ticket Yay!

This video stats right where this one ends. I left it full-length so you can see how much time elapsed after I left the dump truck, but the action starts around 1:20. The cop pulled me for doing what he said was 83 in a 75. I had the cruise set at 80, but either way that’s a bit pedantic. Eight over on the interstate? Whatever, I’m taking the STOP class. At least the cop was polite and made it quick. Notice how every single driver obeyed the “Move over or slow down” law.

I’m mildly curious: Is the question, “Is this your car?” a standard traffic stop question? Also, I like how he says “The speed limit’s only 75 here.” Officer, there are only three or four places in the entire country where the speed limit is higher than that. None of them are in Nebraska or any surrounding states. Duh the speed limit is only 75.

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