First Starts of 2019

Surprisingly, I stopped riding in December once the snow started coming down hard. Riding became legit dangerous so I did the responsible thing and stopped. Looks like it may be time to break out the toys again soon!

First up, I finally got a look at the GSX1100G without ice and snow covering it. Yep, I never really got a good look at it before I got it as so much was obscured in snow and ice.

So I’ve read online, this particular red colour had an issue with the clearcoat on the tank peeling and the sun subsequently causing paint fade. Right now it actually has a really cool almost pearl look to it. So I think I’ll just seal the paint leave it as is.


The brake rotors certainly got a tad of rust being buried in 2ft of snow.

There’s a nice dent on the tank, though thankfully no crease and no missing paint...well, any more than was already missing, anyway.

Don’t worry about the puddle of oil, that actually came from the scooter when it was spilling milk out of its crank breather.


And in other news, I went out to my storage garage to get everything started and ready for riding. The GS850G started like I’ve been regularly riding it. (Ignore the fuel level, since the stand gives the bike a “gangster lean” the fuel gauge will read empty if it’s at less than half tank and sitting on the stand.)


The scooter started fine as did both smarts, and I did get the two stroke to run for about 30 seconds (tank was empty). I’ll start the Goldwing and try to start the GSX when I get home!


Next I’ll use the momentary warm weather to get the alternator in the cabrio unstuck again. The car is so close to being a daily, but little issues keep popping up.

Side note: Kinja didn’t eat my last post. Once I sobered up and lost the hangover I facepalmed myself hard and got rid of it.

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