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First time back at a meet I stopped going to in 2018.

Some car shows you feel and some you just don’t. Fueled Up was definitely one of those shows. The last time I went was November 2018, a year and a half ago. It just didn’t vibe with me at all.

Naturally with this whole C virus (that way you can call it whatever you want) car shows were shut down for the better part of two months. This was the first post shutdown Fueled UP, so I figured that it would be the best one to give it another shot. Glad I did, there were a lot of cool cars in attendance and I missed even cooler ones.

It was good to be back there, and I’ll probably go back in the future! I probably should have lead with the Chiron Sport that was there as the cover car, but my kids picked this McLaren Senna (and very loudly... THAT ONE! THAT ONE!). So regardless of my opinion I go with theirs.


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