I love this angle on my car.

Also, in my panicky haste to move my car as far as I could into it’s parking spot, so as to escape rising waters saturday night, I discovered I did this to it:

I’m really pissed. I guess it’s better than flooding, even though there was no risk of that, as the water drained out of the lot fairly quickly.


Oh well. Some gave had it way way worse, I can deal with it. The scale of the flooding here is truly incredible. It’s very very surreal to see military vehicles fly down the highway, to see Blackhawks fly over, to see parking lots for stores you visit turned into staging areas for search and rescue. Many neighborhoods near me were under a mandatory evacuation yesterday because of rising water. Some neighborhoods fared better than others. I can’t describe how it feels to see areas you’ve known basically your whole life under a couple of feet of water. To see areas on the news just 5 minutes away feom you...My parents had to leave and come stay with my wife and I. And while their neighborhood is still impassable, I don’t think it flooded.

Anyway, this isn’t about me. We personally made it through without consequence, I just thought I’d share my perspective.

For many the suffering has been doled out in immeasurable amounts. There really isn’t anything to say except there is so much work to be done. But it will get done. Everything will be okay. Not now, but it will be okay. Every day is one step away from this tragedy, and one closer to total recovery.