First time karting

I went karting up at Pittsburgh international race complex, had an absolutely amazing time. This would be the first time on legit racing karts for me.

The track layout was great, had basically the whole range of possible corners. First time out I had a best lap of 87.8, by my third run I had cut that down to 82.7. for comparison, my friend who has done this before got a best time of 82.1, my non-car inclined friend started at 103.5 and got his time down to 87.2.   79 seconds seemed to be approaching the max these carts could provide, but it was hard to tell because the track times included times for people with their own karts, they were down in the 45 second range.


It was a little chilly, so some understeer was noticeable. I think the last couple of seconds to pick up are from me not knowing any kart driving techniques, I still have no idea whats the best way to brake. Without more detailed split times I have no real way of improving.

Super fun though, already planning on going back.

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