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First time running the round baler...

After a full mechanical going over and complete re-build of the electrics and control circuits, it works fine... I, on the other hand have yet to learn how to use it properly.

Barf! I’m too full of hay because you drove too fast!

After jamming it twice to start, because I was attempting to go too fast, making a decent bale that I managed to only tie on one side, a lop-sided bale that only tied on the fat side, and a decent looking bale that I somehow failed to tie entirely I ran out of the designated practice field... I think I need to add a couple delays to the twine-arm program in the controller, and really learn how to load it evenly from a small windrow.... But it works!

Fuck, it’s conical, and only tied on one end.
Damnit, that looks pretty good except for the complete lack of twine :p

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