We had a surprise blast of snow this morning, turning the roads into a skating rink. I still had to come in for work, so I tried taking the least hilly route I know. It worked. Kinda.

On one part, it was still a hill up to a traffic light intersection. A pickup truck was spinning his tires in the right lane while I basically did a sideways crab uphill at 10 MPH while my tires spun in stop-and-go traffic.

I was very careful to not let the revs get high, because that translated to losing traction and unpredictable behavior. When the light went green, I slowly piled on the speed with gentle application of the accelerator. The most I’d gotten sideways was what, five degrees?


I was literally going into the intersection with a five degree sideways dance.

I’m pretty sure some of the drivers were staring in either disbelief or amusement. Here’s a retired police cruiser, walking its way through a road with packed snow, passing a Toyota Tacoma that couldn’t do anything but drift its rear axle sideways in place.

I managed to get enough speed that the car straightened out, and I went on my merry damned way to work. Then, at the next intersection, a sand truck came through, slathering some grit all over the place for my beat-up old tires to get some grip on.

Beyond that point, there was a police SUV fishtailing its way past me in the opposite direction with heavy traffic behind him. I’m not sure what his intentions were, but it was comical.


I should have turned on my dashcam.