First update! - Project $300

Well, that was fast. Already on to the first update.

Napa, O'Reilly Auto Parts, and Autozone all wanted around $220-260 for a fuel pump assembly. I went on Rock Auto and found the same assemblies for $110. However, Rock Auto also showed that you can get just the pump and strainer and rebuild the assembly yourself for around $65-70. Then I went on eBay and found an AC Delco pump and strainer kit for $44.99 including Saturday delivery.


So, I will be documenting how to replace the pump and strainer in a GM fuel pump module over the weekend. This information will also be applicable for '00-'05 Cavalier/Sunfire & Malibu, '00-'04 Alero, '01-'03 Saturn LW200/LW300, and '01-'05 Saturn L100/L200/L300. If all goes well, I'll have a working fuel pump at a savings of $175 over a complete module.

Dad is looking into salvage yard mirrors and a left taillight right now - since he works at a body shop he has all the contacts for used parts.


As always, feel free to berate my choice of cars in the comments below.

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