First VW Arteon US/Canada reviews are finally coming out.

It’s...decent. I am also seeing them listed for sale now, after a year of delays


I sat in one at the NY Auto show. Good looking car for sure, with the right wheels and color. Materials are definitely squarely in between a GTI/Passat and an Audi A4. It has a lot of legroom and crossover-rivaling cargo space but the low roof makes getting in and out difficult and the high rocker panel hits your leg as you’re getting in and out.


Has a lot of features but the MSRP is the real killer her. No point even considering unless they take at least $5K off IMO. And looking at the competition- Stinger GT/ Regal GS/base Audi A5 Sportback/Acura TLX perhaps it might take $10K off MSRP to sway some in its favor.

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