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First week of Los Angeles Commuting

Today I have completed my first week of commuting to and from work in the Miata. Monday and Tuesday I took the canyons to and from work. Wednesday and Thursday I drove to work via the highway (US 101) and home via the canyons. Every day going home has been in the dark so its uhh quite the adventure! Anyways, I have marked the map above so far with my usual routes. Of course there are a few more canyons to try as well but they are a little out of the way and will best be saved for when I have daylight in the summer months.

Y - Yerba Buena Road (have not tried this one yet, but have driven it in the past so I know its fun)


M - Mulholland Highway

D - Decker Canyon (23)

E - Encinal Canyon

C - Coral Canyon

H - Highway (101)

Every route going home begins on the PCH which is a nice treat in the Miata. Riding along the coast, smelling the ocean breeze, and feeling like I am in some sort of paradise. Then it heads up a crazy route into the mountains, thankfully without getting stuck behind people all that often. As I get closer to home, I almost always get stuck behind slow people with no passing zones. But that is just in the final stretch on Mulholland.


So far my favorite has been Decker Canyon which I had driven for the first time in the dark. There were some 1st gear turns in the beginning that came out of nowhere so it was surprising and exciting to be going full speed through there! Going all the way out to Coral Canyon is kind of boring and Malibu canyon to get there from the PCH is quite congested so it moves slowly to get there. It is actually the fastest route overall since it is the straightest but I dont mind the extra 10-15 minutes of canyon carving elsewhere.

Overall I think I will take Mulholland to Encinal to PCH in the morning when I have time and the 101 when I wake up late. There is minimal 101 traffic in the morning so it takes just 45 minutes to get in. But in the evening google maps shows just over an hour for the 101 to get home so its worth the extra couple minutes to get some canyon runs in and see minimal if any traffic. Although of course my gas mileage and tire life suffers, but at least there are plenty of smiles per gallon that way!


We shall see how this commute is in the STi next week! Looking forward to posting about that car over the weekend. Should be a pretty sweet stable indeed.

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