Right, so I picked up my Land Cruiser on Saturday, meaning I’ve had three full days to kinda settle in to it. I honestly can’t think of a bad thing to say about it yet, though I’m yet to go to the gas station.

The first thing I noticed is how smooth it is. I mean it’s a big Toyota inline 6, so I’m not shocked, but it’s really the whole drivetrain that’s smooth. Coming from a 2001 diesel F-250 I might be grading pretty softly on that, but it feels like an expensive mechanical watch. Everything in the engine and drivetrain is clearly well screwed together.


The ride is fine. It’s a little harsh over big bumps, but it doesn’t squeak or rattle. For a 20 year old vehicle with 173k on it, it’s obscenely tight. It’s more than good enough for me.

Power, eh, it has some. The FZJ80 has all of 215hp to move its 5000lbs, so it’s more Camry than Supra between the lights. But it has no trouble passing, and the engine is quiet and unobtrusive.

It’s not big by modern standards. I parked next to a 2010-ish Explorer yesterday and they’re the same size. Sitting on its own though, it looks imposing and burly with its fat tires and fender flares in a way that newer SUVs don’t. I don’t think I’ll get tired of looking at it.

I love the interior. It’s nicely laid out and everything feels high quality, considering it’s age. Biggest knock on it is that the seat doesn’t move back nearly far enough for me, so I ordered a pair of rail extensions that will hopefully be in this week. It’s driveable, but I wouldn’t want to take a road trip in it yet.


Really, the only other things it needs right now are new tires and maybe a new radio/speakers. Besides that, I love it just how it is. Doesn’t mean it won’t get some modifications soon though.

All in all, I actually like it even better now than I did Saturday. That’s about the best thing I can say about it.