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First Wild Oppo Sighting

Last night I was on I-5 South a mile or two before the 405 exit, and over in the far right lane I notice the back of a red Miata that looks very banged up.

“Hey,” I thought to myself, “that looks like Decay’s $200 Miata.”

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As I’m passing by it, I notice:

* little reindeer horns

* body damage

* blue masking tape “1131”

sighting confirmed!

I slowed down a little and did a short double tap on the horn but I don’t think he noticed me two or three lanes over in the blue Golf R (he looked around confusedly). Admittedly it was dark so he probably wouldn’t have been able to see me waving anyways.


If I had caught him a few miles back up the road I woulda tried harder to make contact, but with the 405 exit coming right up and a lot of cars in those two lanes I didn’t have time to move over and try to get alongside. Next time, maybe.

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