First World Problem Story Time: Car Buying Edition...

So we test drove a Hyundai Kona Limited (after voting, of course. Did you vote USA Oppo?) with the 1.6t. I like it. Its a good little CUV. Both Mrs. BoostAddict and I have been somewhat spoiled by the EcoBoost turbos in our respective vehicles, and the Kona has enough scoot to satisfy. The 7-speed DCT is quick and smooth, there’s torque everywhere, and the Limited has a very nice interior. It pulled smoothly up a hill at 1500 RPM without bothering to downshift, and when you put your foot in it grabs a couple gears and boogies. It also has an excellent compromise suspension with very good body control, but a comfortable ride on rutty dirt. I like it enough to fogive it it’s lack of manual transmission. Mrs. BoostAddict also likes it and since she dislikes driving stick, the Hyundai is in the lead there. Honesty, if the price were closer I’d say “ok, lets get the Kona!” Its a nice little rig.

An AWD Limited Kona with no other options stickers within ~$500 of the loaded-but-still-manual Jeep Renegade Altitude (or is it Latitude?) I drove before. (+/- $27000). HOWEVER, Jeep is offering a $4000 rebate on upper trim Renegades, and the Hyundai dealer offered $6000 trade in value for the FieSTa. Ouch.


That stings.

my brother suggests that if I were really concerned about saving money I would just get a Renegade Sport with no options but AWD and A/C but they’re only offering $1000 rebate on the Sport, which puts the Altitude/Latitude/whatever closer than I would have thought, only about $2000 more.

We haven’t yet got a trade quote from the Jeep guys, but its already $4000 cheaper... I know the Hyundai will probably have fewer problems, and be more valuable five years from now, but I’m pretty likely to drive my next car until it croaks... I mean I would be doing that with the FieSTa if it weren’t for the unpleasantness encountered every time I drive it here... I have considered getting a mud season beater, but the sad truth is that driving the FieSTa on our road is an un-fun experience most of the time, mud season is just a worst-case-scenario. Price is not unimportant in this transaction :/


Oppo Thoughts?

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