I dropped my phone earlier this year and broke the glass four months into my contract.

Zero loss in functionality, but finally decided to get it fixed.

There is an outfit that specializes in repairing screens, they have three or four locations around the DC area, so I gave them a ring. For $100, they'll fix it, and do it in 2-3 hours. Having an Android device, it's often hard to find the location that has a screen for the "Super Universe Droid X turboBeatz LTE 4G Sprint II" model. (I admit, this is a win for iPhone, as every location has at least 30 of each iPhone screen in stock)

I looked into fixing it myself, but after watching the video I decided not to. This particular phone was built around the screen, and requires full dis assembly. The screen seems to be the first thing that that goes down the assembly line, and the rest of the parts are attached to it. Motherboard, gps, cpu, battery, speaker, etc... everything needs to be removed. to get to the screen.

To me it was worth it. A straight replacement is $500. (sigh)

Found the location with the screen in stock and dropped it off. Came back two hours later for some bad news.


They only had the glass in stock instead of the screen. Separating the screen from the glass seems like an impossible job - proven by the tech. He ha damaged the screen while trying to remove the glass, and now it needs to be shipped to Georgia for repair.

If I would have known he didn't have the whole screen assembly, I would have just skipped it. First world problems for sure.. now I need to print a map before I go anywhere, check email from THE COMPUTER, and party like it's 2005.

TL:DR - had to ship the smartphone away for repairs since the tech couldn't repair it. Sprint is CDMA, so I can't pull the sim card out to put it in an old phone for the meantime.


UPDATE: Holy shit, Sprint no longer charges you to jump between devices. Old cracked phone -ACTIVATED!

Boo hoo.