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First world problems...

So, I own 3 cars. All 3 of them have a stalk on the right side of the steering column. 2 of the 3 RH stalks are for the wipers - and of course they move in opposite directions.

The RH stalk on the 3rd car is the gear selector. Here’s hoping that Mercedes has a lockout preventing me from shifting the car into Park at 40 miles an hour when it starts drizzling. I’m pretty sure it does, but I’ve grabbed it several times already and caught myself before I moved anything.

Also - I can’t wait for the elections to be over.  We’re drowning in flyers for every candidate running for office around here.  We get 4-6 every day - and 99.9% of them say NOTHING about their candidate - it’s all just horrible attacks on their opponent - and I’m pretty sure much of it is at least stretching the truth, if not outright lies.  SMDH.

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