Today all remaining manual XJs vanished from local Craigslist. There are a couple 2-3 hours away still, but one is a 2-door which despite my aesthetic preference for same I’d rather not. Looking for practicality. And the other one is a bit steep at 5500.

A new one popped up in Fort Wayne but of course only because he clicked the wrong selection. Auto.

JeepJeremy’s friend of a friend isn’t responding to my inquiry about his manual XJ.


Today (or very recently) the only local manual Liberty also dropped off the radar. There’s one in Cincinnati but it’s on a lot and inexpensive which causes me to assume it’s got some significant flaws.

Plus, stick shift or not, it’s still a Liberty.

The 4Runner I checked out yesterday did indeed have a badly rusted out frame that I didn’t spot because it was dark and wet and whatever I goofed. Thank goodness for PPIs.

There are two manual 4Runners in the wide area, but both sketchy.

I’m about ready to take out a small loan to get a TJ (this and this are both nice greens, but the cheaper one has the 4-banger which doesn’t enthuse me) and plan on putting the hard top back on my LJ, just to have a secure (ish) fixed roof SUV.

I do like that green. And it’s reasonably priced.

Shopping for boxes with sticks is getting too damned hard.

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