Hey, OPPO. I hope all of you rad people are doing well! I had a minor inconvenience in my life that has become a full blown first world problem. Enjoy my struggle below:

A few weeks ago the door on my garage broke. I was alerted with a picture from my roommate with the caption “don’t worry, nothing hit your car”. That was my immediate concern and he was correct. My car was fine. It turns out, the wheel on the top section sheared off and that made the top two segments bend and crack in the middle. None of this is a big deal except the storage rack it tipped over, but even that was an easy cleanup. I rent (Because LA) and the garage door was old and janky the entire time I’ve lived at my current place. I was going to be busy slash out of town a few weekends so I wasn’t really in a hurry to get it replaced. I finally told our management company last week as they were at our place inspecting the plumbing. All of this is pretty straightforward. Except, I happen to have a special car I care about deeply residing in the garage.

The CARnage

If I owned a Mustang, or a BMW, or even a 911, I would have parked it in the driveway, left out a house key for the contractor, and went to work like any normal day. But that’s not the life I chose for myself. Instead, I bought a Ferrari (Have I told y’all that before?). I couldn’t leave it in the garage and risk a contractor damaging it. I can’t leave it outside all day for, reasons, and I can’t drive it to work for other reasons. (ask in the comments if you must)

its got a horse, close enough

So that left me with the question of what in the heck to do with it while I’m at work. The answer came in the form of my friend for whom I’m very grateful. He lives a few short blocks away and has a locking 1 car garage. So every morning this week, I’ve been waking up early, manually getting my door open and shut (even though I was told not to mess with it), pulling my car out, and waiting for my friend to go to work so I can use his garage. Then, in the evening, doing it in reverse. His garage is really tight so it’s a little stressful and in some ways physically painful.

Rasta Stormy Daniels posing with the Rari
Like a glove

There is only about a foot to open my door. This wouldn’t be an issue on most cars but my doors are super long. And the sills are about a foot wide. And you sit super low in a heavily bolstered seat that is mounted closer to the front than the rear of the door. Luckily I’m a spry, thin, and athletic. Even so, I can definitely feel a pull in my hip and knee trying to get in/out. I guess I’m getting old.

The door wouldn’t make it to the first stop so it shut while trying to take a picture. You can see how far away the seat is from the door opening, though.

Thankfully, this saga should be finished today. The new door should be in so my car can finally have its home back.

TL;DR: I’m getting a new garage door and I have to drive my Ferrari every morning #FirstWorldProblems


Happy Thursday!

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