Passed this at the dealership.

I don’t like the front.

It looks grafted on, and gaudy. Mercedes’ lower grille scoop design doesn’t translate well into black plastic.

A little detail which surprised me — despite the top trim level and upgraded lights, the indicators are still incandescent bulbs. It looks cheap.

It’s very open underneath. Lifted at that height, I could see the alternator straight through the wheel well, and every part of the suspension was within reach. No bad thing, just unusual for a Mercedes. You definitely won’t see this under a a GLE.


And finally, the price on the window sticker? $72,000. (And this was a manual!). That I can’t justify. I’d rather have a Hilux or a Ford Ranger. Both look nicer, and I’d prefer those engines over the Nissan block in the X.

Why doesn’t Lexus try making one too? They could stick an ugly face on a Hilux and call it the ‘HX’ or something.