I’ve had my car 7 days, and love it immensely.

The color - Molten Orange - looks so good in the sun. I didn’t realize it’d look so good in the sun. Seriously. From the pictures I’d seen, I assumed it was just an orange car. This is just an iPhone6 pic, so it doesn’t do it justice. I’m hoping to take it out and snap some pics w/ my DSLR during a back road romp this Sunday.


The interior - Very plastic. Thanksfully I’m having too much fun behind the wheel to ever look at the cheap looking door panels. The MyFord Touch isn’t that awful, and in typical fashion I haven’t even read the instructions yet. The stock shift knob isn’t that bad looking, so I’m keeping it stock. It could use something to put change in. Some people complain about the lack of backup camera, but c’mon, it’s so fucking easy to look behind you while backing up :)

The Recaro Seats - For someone of a short stature (5’6”) who’s mostly thin, they fit me so well. I’m sure I would’ve loved the car without them, but having them makes it that much better. They’re heated, which will be great in the winter. They only have 1 setting, but they get warm very quick. The only thing that could make me love the seats more is if they were the Molten Orange color instead of the Gray. The only bad part is that with the bolstering, and how close I am to the steering wheel, it’s a little tight getting out of the car.

Driving it - It’s a lot of fun. Very flickable. The power is good, and redline comes quick in 1st. I test drove a FiST back in 2013 when they first came out, and I am kicking myself for not buying one back then.

The brakes are very touchy. but very good. They produce a ton of brake dust.

Of course with 425 miles on the clock, I’m already buying an AccessPort that comes with an awesome off the shelf tune by Modern Automotive Performance that nets some nice gains (0 peak HP, but 20+hp under the curve, as well as 46lb/ft of torque , and I just ordered a Boobma rear motor mount (RMM) to remedy the excessive movement of the stock piece. Today was the first time i felt the motor bang on the 1-2 shift.


This graph shows the stock Dyno, compared to Cobb’s Stg 1 off the shelf tune, and MAP’s Stage 1 tune. Can’t wait!


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