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FiST Update: Ahh Shucks...

Well that’s annoying.

I guess it’s too be expected living in a city that calamity will befall your car but man is it sad to see it. I noticed it in the distance, wait? where’s my mirror?! Also without a side mirror it’s pretty damn hard getting out of a street parking. At least the FiST has pretty wide mirrors to the car is unscathed, a new mirror and I’ll be good to go.


Oh well, that’s life right? Insurance already processed the claim and I’ll get it repaired tomorrow but 100$ out of my pocket. And considering I picked up the pieces relatively intact, it seems to follow that I was only a few minutes (maybe a half hour?) away from it happening. Damn trying to stay a bit late on a Friday and finish the work!

My only hope is the other guy got it worse than me, that’s the least I can hope for someone who doesn’t leave a note :(


(excuse the stickers, I’m still pretty juvenile for a grown adult)

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