Recently, I had only been able to get 200 miles out of a “tank” of gas which was stopping the gas pump at 10 gallons. I was filling at what showed as an 1/8th of a tank on the gauge so I figured it was relatively empty. However, I did some research and found out that the car in fact has a 16 gallon tank, that the fuel light comes on with under 3 gallons remaining, and that the pump usually shuts off early with these. To test out the shutting off early theory, I tried pumping the car all the way on the slow setting at the gas station. This got up to 11 gallons (from 200 miles with an 1/8 of a tank) but shortly thereafter it vomited much of that extra gallon out of the filler neck and made a mess. So no, the car actually was full when it stopped at normal speed!

Then this weekend I figured I would just drive the car until the fuel light came on (or I ran completely out of gas because it didnt work lol) but thankfully I was able to make it to work today with 290 miles on the trip meter and didnt run out of gas! The fuel light came on around the 270 mile mark, meaning I had probably about 1.5-2 gallons remaining when I filled it up which lines up with the 14.2 gallons I added to a 15.9 gallon tank. The odd thing though was the meter was under a quarter tank at 200 miles, under an 1/8th at about 240 and then just stayed in there until the light came on, was a little closer to the line, and then I made it. I assume that means the line actually is empty but man is that some dampening to go all the way to below a 1/4 like that!

Yeah I parked like crap but I found it interesting that the STi really kind of blends in with “normal” cars without the WANG. I like it.

Also, since this car is partially wrong wheel drive, I figured my Oppo name needed to change to reflect the torque split with DCCD set to Auto. Interestingly I can play with that to get up to 95% CORRECT wheel drive (RWD) but I have just wanted to just get used to Auto first since that is how I will leave it 99% of the time anyways.