Fit Air Intake Question

So I’m wondering if this rather cheap short intake is as worthwhile as the K&N (If I build a small half box like the K&N has to block out the engine air, and just pull the fresh air like the K&N does)


or there’s this on the slightly more expensive side but still not as pricey as the K&N, but it would still need a box built.


I’ve never really done anything with intakes, and so the idea that for around $100 I could gain 5 hp (K&N verifies it for theirs) is very interesting.


I know there are “cold air intakes” that go down to behind the bumper, but when we get typhoons or big rainstorms the water can definitely get sprayed into where that would be sucking air. So if the results are the same then I’d prefer to keep it up and away from the water possibility.

So what does the Hivemind know?

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