In my journey to lose weight for my wedding, I decided to sign up for a boxing gym. TITLE Boxing Club is essentially 45 minutes of HIIT (high intensity interval training) mixing in cardio, hitting a heavy bag, and some core work. I tried it last week. Once I caught my breath, I enjoyed it. It kept me occupied, was not boring whatsoever, and I get to hit something.

So now, I am shopping for my own set of gloves. The loaner gloves at the gym smelled awful (and I’d have to pay to borrow them every session). I recently learned there are different kinds of gloves: sparring, bag, competition. So I assume I’d be looking in the bag glove section.

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I don’t know the first thing about the brands that produce these gloves. The gym recommended a set for $120. Wasn’t sure if they are being genuine with their rec, or just want me to buy their most expensive product. My first instinct is to buy these because of the aesthetic.

Not bad for $50. Unless someone convinces me that these will break down and wear prematurely, I’ll probably get these.


Edit: These gloves are backordered until the end of February. Bummer

Update: Found a good alternative. Still keeps the aesthetic without breaking the bank. Review seems good. See them Friday!


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