You may know that I own a window washing company, but my real career is helping men and women who are already in good shape, get to the next level. Whether that means prepping for a bodybuilding competition, switching from weights to yoga, gaining proficiency with martial arts weapons... I’ve done it all. Juggling, skateboarding, calligraphy, heightened pain tolerance, acute muscular control... I love to focus on the narrower skills, that to an outsider seem simple but in reality have incredible depth.

I taught one client to write beautiful cursive script with his left hand, while being right handed from birth. Another wanted to learn how to snap his fingers. He can now do so with all four fingers on each hand, in such a way as to make you think he’s playing an instrument. A lady wanted to look like her ideal image of womanly beauty. She hoped to lose weight, but more than that, she wanted to have a muscular body that she never truly believed she could achieve. She’s currently one of the healthiest people I know, and looks incredible. Those two things are very different, and the vast majority of the time they do not go together.


After three sessions, and plenty ofcustom-tuned homework, my client was printing with left and right hands, clearly and quickly. My favorite part about becoming ambidextrous is you gain a second writing style so to speak. So if you don’t want people to recognize your handwriting, you can just switch!

What I’m trying to say is that unlocking the bodies potential is my true love... I’m constantly trying to improve myself, and enjoying every step! Earning an income doing the same for others is icing on the cake. Thought I’d share a bit since Oppo is a bit slow today. Also, just to be clear, I’m NOT trying to sell my services here. I don’t do “online training” and neither do the majority of trainers who legitimately want to help.

Ask me anything!