Today’s the fifth so let’s have a 5.

This one. It’s from Italy.

This one’s special. It’s got one of those fancy automatic gearbox thingies and is a model all to itself, distinguishable by the vinyl roof. At one time it reached 5% of 5 sales.

The 5 was sold to the Americans who didn’t get to call it a 5. Instead it was called a The Bus. No, I haven’t a clue.


If you didn’t want a The Bus or a sluggish automatic you could have had an Alpine. It had a turbo. Fancy.


Then again, you could have had an actual Turbo, and good luck finding an affordable one now. This had an engine and its attached turbo just where you would usually expect to find the rear seats so maybe less useful than you would expect. Luggage space suffered (and got quite hot) too. It had 160 bhp, quite a lot for the time in a car this size.