Five minute guide on wobbly sockets.

Option 1: The wobble extension

Pros: Easy to use, socket is easy to put on point, super cheap.

Cons: Adds length, not much articulation.

Option 2: U-joint extension.


Pros: Also pretty cheap. Massive articulation.

Cons: Flops around a lot, harder to control, still adds length.

Option 3: U-joint sockets:

Pros: Less added length

Cons: Costs more than just an extension since you need to buy a set.

Option 4: Ball and socket sockets.


Pros: Far smoother than U-joints, easier to get on the head.

Cons: The cost difference is quite significant.

I have all four, I use A and D frequently and avoid B and C. Though I used B before I got D more than I used C. Estimated cost: A: $3, B: $5, C: $20, D: $45.


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