Máté's "Show Us" over a month ago on the most awesome ambulances got me thinking. What cars on sale now would make great ambulances? Unfortunately, the Volvo 240 isn't made anymore. So I promptly put over a month into thinking up some possible candidates. (I would probably be a terrible ambulance driver.) Since I now have time to state my case, here goes:

Porsche Panamera Turbo S

For the patient who values speed over anything else. This car can handle the heavy loads placed on it and still be fast in the corners, namely because it's a heavy car to begin with. Also, there's absolutely nothing wrong with an ambulance that can do 200 mph...right up until a distracted driver fails to get out of its path. And it's quite comfortable despite the speed. Originally, a Ferrari FF was supposed to be here until I realized someone may egg you instead of getting out of the way.


Ford Taurus SHO

This might be the only car on this list that can actually be converted to an ambulance. Being based on the same platform as a Volvo XC90 (one of my favorite SUVs), I can imagine an ambulance SHO coming to life. The SHO handles much better than Econoline and I have to say I would feel safer in an accident involving a Taurus than in an actual truck-based ambulance. And we know the car's been battle-tested because of the existence of the "Ford Police Interceptor." (Seriously Ford, why so jumpy about calling it a Taurus?)


Cadillac CTS-V Wagon

Travis Okulski and Doug DeMuro (or for that matter, all of Oppositelock) will love this choice. Or hate it because the handling aspect will be gone. It's a throwback to the Caddy ambulances of yore, which handled like barges and perhaps provided little in the way of comfort for the riders. With the CTS-V, you can guarantee the ambulance will handle, though comfort will be compromised significantly. But think about it. Who needs morphine to keep a smile on during the ride to the ER?


Rolls-Royce Phantom

In an ambulance Rolls-Royce, people WILL get out of the way. Because there will probably be an entourage of cars around it with armed guards. They do not want to upset the man who can afford to even have one built. And in keeping with the theme, the walls would be lined with leather and wood, the drugs on board would be the purest, and the paramedic would be a former Miss Universe. I'd like to think some of these have been commissioned in Russia and the Middle East and the citizens know very well to stay out of the way. Or else.


Honda NBOX

A complete contrast to the above, which employs the brute force method of rushing patients to the ER, the NBOX is all about agility. Honda knows how to make a kei car and a van, if the Odyssey and N-One are any indication. The NBOX can fit on any highway shoulder, maybe even a New York sidewalk. Sure, the engine can be uprated a little bit, but agility can go a long way in getting through high traffic situations, in the city and especially during rush hour anywhere. This car might just save your life. And it's so darn cute.