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Five Weeks In

When new, this was an expensive car. However, after 13 years on the road this Japanese premium sedan has depreciated to the point at which a college freshman can theoretically afford it. Due to the college strike, I was able to really drive it and get a feel for it. After about 3000 km, here are some of my thoughts.

  • This thing makes me not miss the Crown Vic at all.
  • It’s gonna be so boring driving an automatic when I go back to BC for Christmas.
  • Dual-mass flywheels still feel weird.
  • The Bose stereo is still pretty great, although an aux jack would be nice.
  • Mileage really isn’t bad on the highway. And because most of my driving is highway anyway, I’ve been averaging 9.3 L/100km in mixed driving which handily beats the government ratings by quite a bit. Granted, most of that has to do with the fairly flat terrain, my primarily highway driving and my avid use of cruise control.
  • It’s so great when a car doesn’t require anything more than general maintenance, and even better when it doesn’t try to kill you.
  • The seats are kinda meh. If I have one complaint about the car, that’s it.

Overall, I’m really happy with it. 10/10 would recommend to an enthusiast on a budget.

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