Fix-It Ticket. What do now?

Oppo, I got pulled over yesterday about a half mile from my house. I was as polite as can be, but the officer told me that considering he can see that I have an aftermarket exhaust and he could hear it as well, he had to write me a citation. If I get a stock exhaust on within two weeks and bring it to the cop shop then the ticket will be waived.

I am so frustrated, because my car only has an axle back exhaust on it. And I see 30 trucks a day with dual pipes hanging out the back, and 30 ricers a day about 10 times as loud as I am. I can just pay the ticket, but then I have to assume when this cop sees me around town, he will be very quick to write me another ticket.


I have a case of the "why me?"s going on right now...I have friends who have had exhausts on their cars for years in Wisconsin. Why the hell does it have to be me to get shafted by the cops and forced to take mine off?

What would you do, Oppo?

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