Okay Oppo. As we know, I just changed all 4 brakes (shop did that) the left front sway linkage and the front struts, (doing the rears tomorrow with opponaut Zippie the newbie tech). The brakes and the linkage were done about 2k miles ago. The struts were just done on sunday (maybe 60 miles) and yet something else is still wrong.

When I hit the brakes, if I hit them kinda hard, there is a single *thud* emanating from the left front side of the car. The car will only thud once. Never twice, and only when braking strongly.

I am thinking...broken motor mount? Perhaps the engine is shifting slighly with the abrupt braking?

When I googled this people said the brake pads were shifting in their housing. This could be...I guess. That would mean the shop did a piss poor job.

Any brilliant ideas?