Over the weekend, I discovered that my formerly-trusty motorcycle will need a transmission rebuild. The short version of the problem is that the bike won’t stay in gear, and skips in and out of a false-neutral under power.

According to my internet sleuthing, it’s a somewhat common problem with my bike (06 ZX10). It basically means that the shift forks and gears are borked and need replaced. Because my bike does not have a nifty cassette - style transmission, it means that the engine must be removed and the case split to get to the transmission and replace the broken bits.

I have the service manuals with instructions on how to complete this, but limited tools and no real space to actually do the work on the bike. Given that, I’m looking at either selling it as broken or paying somebody to fix it. The parts to fix it should be < $500, but the labor will be astronomical due to the work required.

If going the route of selling it, how much should this diminish the value? KBB says it should be $3,500 on a trade in and $5,000 for a good one at retail. For comparison, I’m seeing new ‘14 ZX10s listed starting at $10k.