Last weekend my wife notified me that there was a screw in the tire of her 'hoe.  And by 'hoe I am refering to that three ton behemoth in our garage, the 2009 Chevy Tahoe.  I was not happy at the prospect of paying for 2 new 20" tires.  I talked to one of my buddies sunday morning and said that I had to take car of this in the afternoon.  He told me about this tire repair kit a walmart.  He said he uses it all the time because he does home construction on the side with his brother and dad.  And gets nails in his tire on a monthly basis.  So I picked it up.  You get one tool with a drill bit looking thing and one with some prongs.  Some of these rubber plugs and some rummer cement.  Pull out the nail, stick the drill bit in to clean and size the hold.  Then cover a plug in rummer cement and feed it in the prongs stick it in the hole and pull it out.  All you do is trim off anything sticking out.  Not sure exactly how it works, possibly witchcraft.  Pressure has held since sunday night.